Don’t Sit on the Kids

Don't sit on the kids

Parents, Please Don’t Sit On Your Kids
A Parent’s Guide to Non Punitive Discipline

We have featured some truly awful parenting books on this site. Anyone remember this God, The Rod, And Your Child’s Bod we featured back in 2016? You might have tried to suppress the memory. Not only is that title awful, the contents are even more frightening. Or how about this one from 2010?

Thankfully, there is an antidote to the above books. Please don’t sit on your kids is the polar opposite. It advocates a non violent, approach to discipline. The author puts responsibility squarely on the parents to model good behavior, and work through the issues with their children by using improved communication. Cherry was an innovator in education and her books are worthy of inclusion in larger public libraries and university collections. An average public library probably won’t need to keep something like this, but depending on the interest, you might have a case for retaining this item.I could live without that cover art, though. The children look like they were casting choices for Children of the Corn.



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    1. He has the same “Moe” haircut as the boy on the cover of God, the Rod and Your Child’s Bod!

  1. My mom had this one. I looked extremely similar to the little girl on the cover, oddly enough.

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