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Looking for some old fashioned advice about dating? Here is an option for you from the early 1960s. I found this in a university library which is probably the most appropriate place for this material.

Considering it is the early 1960s and geared to Christian teens, you can probably guess how the advice goes:

  • Don’t date someone who isn’t a Christian
  • Save your sexual purity for marriage
  • Don’t go out to clubs, movies, and do other “non-Christian” activities
  • Listen to your parents

It is important to remember that getting pregnant out of wedlock was pretty much the worst thing that could happen to a woman. You could get fired from a job, kicked out of school, shunned by family or shipped off to an “unwed mothers” home.  Hence, these books were really about putting the literal fear of God in teenagers.

The author, Clyde Narramore, has appeared quite a few times on our site over the years:

I hope all of you take a moment to really consider the consequences of dating the wrong person.


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  1. I had a boss years ago who told a story of he and his wife were on vacation in the 60s at a resort. his wife wrenched her knee very badly while doing the Twist resulting in surgery and lifelong knee problems. he called her mom from the ER and the first words out of her mouth were “Dancing, on a Sunday!!”

  2. Or, y’know, you could get over the “purity guilt” BS and live a life where you still get married and go to church.

    No movies is *really* out there, considering this was the age of every movie being rated what we’d now call G (or barely PG), and Biblical epics were all the rage. No Chuck Heston being Old and New Testament for you, kids! No Disney cartoons full of cute animals and wholesomeness!

  3. With the exception of “listen to your parents,” those rules have been out the window since at least the 90’s, when I met my wife.

    Definitely an easy weed. The irony of a book about dating being dated . . .

  4. Good for Barbara and Jim! They’re not immature losers who haven’t dated all year.

    And is that Ronald Reagan and Barbara Rush in the heart?

  5. Oh the irony!

    The principal smiles with approval watching Barbara and Jim walk hand in hand to a ‘special music program’ in the auditorium.

    Doreen tells Gary that going on a date to the movies or a show would ruin her as a Christian. We’re told that there are many ‘wholesome and worthwhile’ things good Christian teens can do on a date but the excerpts don’t say what they are.

    1. And it’s great that Barbara and Jim are having “plenty of dates”, yet the next page says going steady is only being “in a rut”.

      Presumably it’s a Christian school, so Barbara and Jim are only going to hear the most wholesome religious music, unlike those heathens who go to, I dunno, classical music concerts?

  6. Son of a biscuit. Christianity is all about redemption but this book is telling people (read: women) that they’ll be ruined for life and could that they should not only expect but accept public shaming. It’s crap like this that made my mother hide the fact I had a brother from a teenage pregnancy, until a an Ancestry DNA test revealed that a man named ‘Tom Smith’ (not his real name, obvs) shared DNA with me and my four siblings. Yes, she lived with shame but only for the socially manufactured shame that marks a girl/woman as “damaged goods”.

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