Don’t let sex ruin your life!

What Teens Want to Know About
Love Dating and Sex

This Christian-oriented teen book spends page after page on the “don’t have sex” message. I am okay with a no sex message, but the slut shaming is awful. If you are a girl, your life will be ruined if you have sex. In addition, you will probably die alone or commit tons of adultery. By the way, it is also implied that girls have to be the moral one in this scenario since boys evidently can’t control themselves.

There is very little substance other than pages and pages of disasters about losing your virginity. Mr. Eager (don’t you love that name!) says you can prevent rape as well. Just ask the rapist to take you home when he starts getting handsy and don’t hang out with “wild boys.”

Fun fact:Β  Boys like girls that are punctual and neat. Do you suppose wild boys like punctuality and neatness too? Wild boys, please comment!


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    1. Like used curtains, or worn out socks. Oh that magical female virginity, don’t lose it, or leave it laying around carelessly.

      And if someone steals it you “should have done something to prevent it”.

  1. My favorite Teen Dating line from this era is boys saying β€œDon’t let me do anything that would make me lose respect for you.” Chew on that for a bit.

  2. Only a religious nutter would consider attracting a man with sex is a bad thing. I can guarantee, men are quite happy to be attracted by sex!

  3. One of his other books is “Understanding Your Sex Drive.” …. The blurb says he’s spoken to thousands of young people. The question: did they take him seriously?

  4. “attractiveness can be developed by any clean, wholesome young person”=if you’re not good-looking God cursed you??

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