Don’t hold the Mayo!

amazing mayoThat Amazing Ingredient: Mayonnaise
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Who thought America needed an entire cookbook devoted to one the major food groups, I mean condiment, in Midwestern culture? It’s just so versatile! Think of the variety: macaroni salad, potato salad, tuna salad, chicken salad, etc. Let’s not forget the sandwich crowd either.

Luckily this book has it all, including molded salad rings. How can you resist another savory jello salad?  But wait there’s more! Enjoy the last picture where tea service includes a fancy “sandwich” cake featuring, you guessed it, mayonnaise.

I think we can all take something from this post and use it at the next library potluck.



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  1. Under Related Posts, you didn’t link to the 1930s Hellman’s promotional cookbook on “Correct Salads for All Occasions”! Remember that one? And now, I yield the floor to the members of the Molded Foods and Sandwich Loaf Haters Club …

    1. Interesting…those related posts are auto generated by a plugin. I wonder why it didn’t relate these two posts?

      [Update: Tags. One had the tag “mayonnaise” and the other didn’t. I added the tag to the old Hellmann’s post and the plugin re-generated new related posts on this one, including “Your Friend Mayonnaise.”]

  2. You can’t really surprise me any more with molded salads. But, but, that poo-filled lettuce wedge, though!

  3. I still can’t wrap my mind around why colors looked different Way Back When. How did they manage to make them look so pukey?

  4. Whatever is in that spoon does not look like the mayonnaise in the jar. Cool Whip, maybe?

    1. Looking at that cover… the spoon, even allowing for it being closer to the viewer, could never have fit in the top of that jar. Pre-Photoshop(tm) image manipulation!

  5. This reminds me of my favorite mayo hack: Using it instead of butter in grilled cheese sandwiches (for the pan-facing side of the bread slices) – it toasts so much better & the hit of acidity is a nice contrast against the gooey cheese.

    1. I stayed with some friends of the family while my parents went on a trip once. They had a family lunch favorite: grilled mayonnaise and peanut butter sandwiches! I pretty much ate everything even then, but I could not gag down that terrible combination. Mayonnaise and cheese sounds much better.

  6. Recipe books are one of my favorites here! They’re my equivalent of visiting a house of horrors or old-school carnival exhibitions. “See the terrifying cake that turned out to be salad! Guess the abominable mystery filling!”

    My mom made me put mayo in my hair for ‘beauty’ treatments when I was young; I cannot stand the smell. *shudders*

  7. This book is a work of beauty.

    a) Pink cloud mold sounds like something you scrape off your shower tiles.

    b) Duke’s is way better than Hellman’s. 😉

  8. Oh, my, you could start feud for generations in the South arguing over Duke’s or Hellman’s.

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