Don’t Feel Sorry for Paul

Dont Feel Sorry for Paul coverDon’t Feel Sorry for Paul

You can tell by the cover of this book that it is old! The one dark spot over the word “Don’t” in the title is where the protective plastic cover is ripped. Condition = fail.

Second, look at that amazing collar on Paul’s shirt! Definitely 1975. The furniture in Paul’s family room (last picture, below) is also very 70s. I don’t know if they still make prostheses like Paul’s arm…but I bet if they still have that style, it is vastly improved. Currency = fail.

There’s nothing wrong with the idea behind this book. It was a great choice for a public or school library in 1975. I think we can update, though. I don’t feel sorry for Paul. He’s amazing (and probably about 50 years old now!). I do feel sorry for the library that thinks they can’t do better than this book.


Dont Feel Sorry for Paul back cover

Dont Feel Sorry for Paul front flap

Paul getting dressed

Paul's disability

Paul's prosthesis

Paul's family


  1. Apparently, he’s done well for himself. I searched for him online, curiosity being my middle name… Paul Jockimo is a veteran of over 25 years in emergency services, currently working as a Training Officer for the Westchester County (NY) Department of Emergency Services. He is the President and founder of Peer Support Networks, Inc. and is the President of the CISM Network of New York State.
    So, don’t feel sorry for Paul.

    1. Paul HAS done amazingly for himself. I would know because I am related to him. This book may not be on every shelf in every library but this book has meaning. This book explains how hard he has worked and how far he goes to make others happy. Paul strives to put anyone he knows before him self and many people do not understand how meaningful this truly is.
      And don’t feel sorry for him. He is an amazing man.
      PS- he is not in his 50s.

  2. I work with a woman who has an “incomplete” arm; she uses the arm “as is” without a prosthesis. The clothing styles in this book may be out of style but the writing does sound sensitive. I’m happy to know of his career as an adult – what a wonderful family he was born into.

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