Don’t be THAT girl

Don't be that girl - coverDon’t Be That Girl

Submitter: Remember back in 2007 when noted TV personality and (“The Doctors”) Doctor Travis Stork was at the height of his popularity? Neither do I. Either way, he managed to write almost 200 pages on what to do to not be THAT girl, in a tone that one Amazon reviewer thought had just the right touch of “nurturing” and was only “slightly arrogant.” Which is baffling to me as my colleague and I flip through the pages.

I probably wouldn’t have bought this when it came out, whether the intention was to be actually insightful or just to write something with shock value (maybe both?). Finding in the the public library stacks today, I’d consider it at best an overly dated celeb/dating book, and at worst, something a patron might’ve taken to their local representative if they found it before me.

Our staff particularly enjoyed the part about the “secret” that men really do want what they can’t have. Cringe-worthy for all sexes.

Holly: The fly leaf blurb (image below) doesn’t sound so bad, but wow, that cover is a hot mess. I guess that’s the point, but the book is already too dated to be interesting to teens, eleven years later.

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  1. Travis is shilling supplements on his social media accounts. Don’t be THAT guy, Travis.
    And I am creeped out by realizing that his 2nd wife was 15-16 when this book came out.

  2. This “advice” would be be bad enough coming from a female author, but from this guy? Ugh. That cover is just dripping with misogyny.

  3. This book is an abomination. Judgmental, preachy, arrogant. Got news for you mate, a woman can be ‘that’ girl if she bloody well pleases, so go take a hike.

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