Dolls from Hell

Doll Making coverDoll Making: A Creative Approach

Submitter: This book was found in the craft section of my local public library. It’s more about artistically crafted dolls you can make at home. Really, it’s just filled with creepy dolls. I know I won’t be able to get their face out of my head when I sleep at night. Hopefully this won’t scare Mary as much as the clown book I submitted a few weeks ago.

Holly: You mean this one? Yeah, that one got her good. I get that libraries should have books about doll making, and maybe even the history of doll making. I just don’t understand why they should be almost 45 years old and filled with dark, old black and white photos of the weirdest dolls ever made. There are cute and cuddly and adorable dolls out there, I swear.

Mary: That third one looks like Miss Piggy after some kind of alcoholic bender or demonic possession.

sample dolls


doll made of old shoe

cloth doll

papier-mache doll

felt and cloth dolls

cloth doll with teeth

stiff paper covered with fabric

dried bread crumbs and glue


  1. How sad is it that the only one that doesn’t induce nightmares is the “slum doll” made from an old shoe? That second to last one looks like a buck-toothed cross-dressing Elvis, and they all look like they are just waiting for you to fall asleep so they can eat your face off.

  2. I make handmade dolls and stuffed animals I can assure you they do look cute and cuddly and nothing like these things, even the baby vampire dolls I crafted last Halloween! Wish I could upload a photo as proof.

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