Dolls Deconstructed

Making Dolls coverMaking Dolls
Witzig and Kuhn

Submitter: First, Sorry Mary.

I found two copies of this creepy doll making book on the shelf at my local public library. It reminded me of my last submission. 

Again full of dark black and white picture of dolls that no kid wants to cuddle up with. The last picture reminds me of the dolls they use in court rooms with kids. Neither copy had its dust jacket, so the covers were blank. Sorry!

Holly: Oh, don’t worry about Mary. She’ll be fine. She needs a good jolt from time to time. All I can say is that the twig doll (page 7 below) seems to have an <ahem> appendage. It’s anatomically correct, I guess. The handkerchief doll (page 17 below) looks like a mummy. The one on the cover is the best of the lot, and it has troll hair.

dolls made from twigs

handkerchief doll

knitted dolls


  1. Seriously, why couldn’t they have at least printed the cover in color? Was color photo printing that much more expensive than it is today? Craft books now usually have a lot of full color photos, and fewer illustrations for the instructions.
    (Also, I’ve heard of handkerchief/bandana dolls, but only as a temporary thing (like towel/napkin folding) folded to amuse children, not a weird permanent figure wrapped in yarn like a wool mummy.)

    1. Yes, color printing was a ton more expensive, and this isn’t the kind of book that would make the cost back.

  2. Sorry, I disagree on this one. Get it out of any children’s section, sure, it belongs in an adult sculpture classification. It is sadly lacking in color, but I think art teachers/students in high school or college would find it very useful. I think it’s fascinating. (MLS, BA in Art History here.)

  3. What is up with the creepy dolls? There are plenty of current books that have normal looking dolls in them.

  4. Those handkerchief dolls kind of look like the little “voodoo” doll keychains I’ve been seeing a lot in bubble gum machines, except those are actually kind of cute.

  5. The handkerchief doll looks like it REALLY doesn’t want to be bound… as if, perhaps, its evil soul was being tied to one place through the creation of the doll?

  6. I make Art-Dolls…..frequently describe politely as “different”. I own shelves full of books about making dolls. I’m going to pass on this one.

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