Doggie Dollars


How to Make Money in Dogs

Submitter: This book is living on our public library shelf with newer books on the same topic. However, it’s giving out cost and information from 1974! Completely out-of-date.

Holly:There is a list included below of the most popular dog breeds according to the AKC. FYI, Labrador retriever has moved up from #9 in 1974 to #1 in 2014, and Irish setter has moved waaaay down the list to #71. German shepherd is still #2. The book does talk about puppy factories, but less in ethical terms and more in money-making potential for average people. I’m not a fan of the cover art, either, but that’s not strictly weeding criteria. It’s old. ‘Nuff said.



Big Spenders

Pages 20-21

Truth about breeding

Best bets in breeds


  1. Should be removed on ethical grounds anyway; dog breeding should be about preserving the characteristics of the breed and adhering to the breed standard. The title is badly-chosen, especially given the advice given in chapter 6.

    1. Dog breeding should be about producing healthy animals. The “breed standards” for a lot of breeds are part of the problem.

      1. Depends on the breed. Some breeds are healthy and athletic, with sensible breed standards, others are unhealthy, or just silly (English bulldogs, and pugs, for example)

  2. A book published today would mention the exorbitant prices you can charge for mutts. Labradoodles… Goldendoodles… just anything mixed with poodle. Chiweenies… Puggles… Chugs… A popular mix in my area is a dachshund/weimaraner. People pay thousands for these mutts!


  3. ^Yeah, I really don’t get it since, like you said, they’re really just mutts. And purebreds are so ridiculously expensive people who don’t know a thing about breeding them are doing it just for the money.

  4. Despite patronizing burding the world doggedly with litter-gleaning superfluous fuss, at least it demonstrates conspicuously, what the real nature of the hound mania be: That it unbosoms itself to be a luxury expenditure, being as much an immoral get-rich-quick scheme as a get-engaged-quick scheme, conspicuous consumption. Regularly of no use and tantalizing the human and natural environment in all wises, ’tis an analogless example of prodigality and vanity wasting ressources.

    People have naught in the conk, so they purchase dogs, though some longer reflexions would lead them to the conclusion, that there be quite a many things that would fit their purposes more, giving closeness, working as an alarm clock (what about an ass, who is really surprised today?), or just to waste or make money, etc., without taking so many expenses like a hound does – a typical Murkan success story. Nothing against a blind’s or a hunter’s dogs, but gosh, holding dogs is devoid of all originality.

    1. I disagree. Nothing fits my purposes (whether it be to give closeness, or to be an alarm clock!) like a pet dog or two!

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