Does this make my butt look fat?

Clothing for Disabled PeopleClothes for Disabled People

This lovely title comes to us from an anonymous ALB spy in Michigan.  I would imagine that this is a great topic for a public library.  Ease of dressing for people who have limited mobility and other physical issues is important.  However, looking at the cover now – in 2009 – suggests that if you are in a wheelchair, you cannot be fashionable.

I think the guy in a wheelchair is saying to the woman, “Do I really have to dress like Mr. Rogers?”

Great idea for a book, but waaaay out of date.



  1. Now, if it were just principles… . Most folks in care are put exclusively in sweats, so even outdated real clothes have to be better.

  2. I used to be a Nurse Aide. This type of wheelchair was archaic even in 1981.

    I think he’s afraid of here. Her look is a little evil 🙂

  3. Holy Cow!! I can not believe this is an actual book. Talk about discrimination!

  4. Mr. Rogers WAS fashionable in the early nineties. Check out Nirvana’s unplugged and you’ll see Kurt Cobain in a cardigan sweater while singing “Rape Me”. Those were simpler, more wholesome times.

  5. It reminds me of a book my boss withdrew a couple of years ago and gave to me: ‘Art for Spastics’

    hee hee

  6. I still see hipster men in cardigans or sweater vests. The vest on this book’s cover doesn’t work, though. Better to have an updated version of this book.

  7. Well, sure better to have an updated book, but “Clothing for the disabled” is not a bit synonymous with “Fashion for the disabled.” Does it have advice on how to deal with fasteners with weakened or frozen limbs? Shoes for paralyzed (or socks, which aren’t easy either)?How to best dress when you have colostomy, mastectomy or other , physical disturbances? And, most importantly, do you actually have anything that might address these topics that is more recent?

    If you don’t, and you weed this, you are failing your committment to provide information to all — and failing if for a vulnerable population that statistically is much less likely to be able to afford to purchase information resources.

  8. I’d read this book for the ideas & diy stuff I could glean from it. Don’t weed it unless you’re replacing it with something that has those ideas! Out of fashion or not!

  9. Sorry, can you delete the operation b. comment above – that was me, logged in as wrong account.

    Here is a good (expensive) suit making place for disabled rich professionals… lol…. I do love their logo, a lot of penguins: “They can’t fly; they don’t mind!”

  10. On the contrary, I believe what the man is saying is “Do I really have to wear this bathroom mat as a vest?”

  11. He’s out of style? What about her? Those elastic waist pants probably come up just below her playtex pointy cup bra; and I bet they have the creases sewed into them – the trousers, not the bra.

  12. Yeah, people, it’s all about the style (but even as far as style goes, I’m sure lots of patrons of your fine libraries still dress this way).

    I think Karim made an excellent point. read his reply if you haven’t already.

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