Dodging the Marriage Bullet

How to avoid matrimony cover

How to Avoid Matrimony

Okay all you rogue males, you don’t want to be trapped by the ladies looking for marriage. This guy has you covered with some interesting advice so you can avoid having the life sucked out of you by some airhead or harpy out to trap you into marriage.

Naturally you can’t be going with out feminine companionship, but you want to avoid certain kinds of women.  For example: girls with boring factory jobs, because they have boring factory jobs; divorced women because they are kind of desperate; foreign girls, girls with pushy mothers, etc. Be vigilant!

Best part: all the charts and illustrations so you really can visualize your bachelor strategies.

Time for me to round up some rogue males,


how to avoid matrimony back cover

marriage risk for men by age groups chart

instead of "hen pecked" try another bird

classifying women for marriage risk

scoring a woman's suitability



  1. Thank goodness I own my own car. It’s almost enough to make up for the fact that I knit.
    The Snapcheck on page 91 is interesting. Apparently Froy doesn’t believe in “The Sweater Curse”.

  2. Wow. I’m really wondering about “Froy,” the author. Did he ever marry? And who in her right mind would marry him?

    1. It’s a pen name of the very talented Keith Waterhouse, who was twice divorced, and of the actor Guy Deghy (dunno about his marital life).

  3. Is it weird that the most interesting thing about this book’s sample is that it made me realize “turning over a new leaf” refers to books, not trees? This sample is the first time I’ve ever seen the metaphor extended to pages.

  4. I know what “hen-pecked”means but I didn’t get what wrens have to do with having sea legs. So I looked it up and learned that wren is a nickname for members of the British Women’s Royal Naval Service (WRNS) and the Women’s Royal Canadian Naval Service (WRCNS).

    Every day, learn something new. Being a rogue bachelorette, for me at least, is nothing new.

  5. Hey I know the answer here! If you don’t wanna get married, this is what you have to do:

    Don’t propose to someone. If they propose, say no!

    What an idea, right?

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