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A Doctor's Tools coverA Doctor’s Tools

This book was suggested to me and I was kind of shocked how many libraries were holding it. C’mon, its old! Regardless, I am not a fan of these kind of real life photo books. They look weird and they go out of date so fast. I get what this book is attempting to accomplish and it’s not a bad idea.

Of course the most ridiculous part of this book is the cover. Did the doctor put that stethoscope in the freezer?


Swab and Culture plate

Urine cup an dipstick


  1. Urine Cup and Dipstick. That’s not a nice name for that sweet little boy. What did he ever do to you?

  2. I’m surprised the doctor doesn’t have on his head one of those old-fashioned reflective discs with a hole in the middle (and a strap to hold it on).

  3. Sad to say what I first noticed – what my eyes first were drawn to – was that damned comb-over. Can’t say I’m too fond of that particular shade of green on the cover, either. Not so much ‘eye-catching’ as it is ‘eye sore’.

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