Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?

Boy George and Culture ClubBoy George and Culture Club

Ah yes, more 80s musicians. Boy George led an interesting life AFTER this book was written, what with his tragic heroin addiction and subsequent addiction to the prescription narcotics he used to kick the heroin addiction – and then the breakup of Culture Club in the late 80s.  His solo career has spanned two decades, but of course there would be no mention of that here.  He’s been a DJ, there was a Tony-nominated musical about his life (called Taboo), he has a fashion line, there was a Biography Channel documentary about his life in 2008, and then he was sent to prison in 2009 for imprisoning a male escort in his London apartment. Nice.

Clearly, this book from 1984 is the tip of the iceberg about Boy George and Culture Club.  There was a new Boy George biography written in 2005 that would be a much better choice for libraries (called Straight by Paul Gorman).

Do you really want to  hurt me? No? Then please weed this.


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  1. “When he exclaimed to a women’s magazine, ‘Sex? I’d rather have a nice cup of tea!’ a thousand housewifely heads must have nodded in agreement.”

    The stereotype there makes me gag, but younger readers are probably just puzzled. Obviously, this was also the era before the Desperate Housewives and the Real Housewives. …

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