Do You Know Any Special People?

Special People coverSpecial People

Submitter: This one brings immediately to mind people who are labeled “special,” but it isn’t that kind of book at all. It’s more of a “These are the people in your neighborhood”. This is the hard cover version. It’s just now leaving the Children’s Room at my library, but I thought it was such an awful example of “special people” (especially the last one…), I thought I’d send it along to you.

Holly: Mary does love a good clown. I like the diversity of the characters. If it is in good shape and circulates well, it isn’t the worst thing ever, but I agree about the title being a bit misleading.

Mary: Clowns are not “special people.” They are evil and are sent to destroy us. I would hate to mislead the kids.

Policemen and Women

Shopkeepers are special

Writers are special

Clowns are special people


  1. Professional clowns are basically just stand-up comedians with white make-up and rainbow wigs. But that phrase “they make us laugh and forget our problems”, sounds more like drugs to me.

  2. I especially like the way the one about police officers is worded, suggesting that all women and policemen are special. Thanks for making me smile every day!

  3. I hate clowns, also what’s wrong with the kid between the two cops? She looks more like she’s got some sort of digestive problem. I think she needs a bathroom more than she needs cops.

  4. Remember, children: These special people are not to be trusted. Don’t get into a car with any of them or accept candy. And don’t forget how unique and special YOU are! Just like everybody else.

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