Do you have a problem with your small organ?

Big Problem of Small Organs coverThe Big Problem of Small Organs

Small organs! Ha! Of course you have to laugh at the title. It’s perfect. Yes, this is a legitimate book. Yes, Holly and I are so completely immature, it borders on the pathetic.

Now read on so you can keep your organs working!


Big Problem with Small Organs page 7



  1. I am reminded of a talk show from my distant youth, on which Mae West recounted a tale of meeting Liberace and being invited up to see his “golden organ.” She was marvelous.

  2. You can take the librarian out of middle school, but you can’t take the middle schooler out of the librarian!

  3. Aaahhh. You can’t weed this one! Move it to the humor section. The patrons will really get a kick out of it.

  4. When I was a child in Central Massachussetts, a tree farm down the street was sold to a crazy organist from Boston as a weekend getaway. I remember Biggs, and his portative organ playing at a picnic table near us. BTW, the ladies name was Peggy.

  5. It sounds like the kind of book a character from “Are You Being Served” would read. Probably Mr Humphries.

  6. I knew a guy in college whose last name was Seaman and he lived on Cox Crescent. He was used to people making jokes about it because he would quickly reply that he has “a huge organ…in my living room”.

  7. This humour about organs is of course nothing new to us real Organ Grinders. Believe it or not, but there is still an interest in small organs, not only in England but all over Europe. We all enjoy the jokes, even after hearing them for the hundredth time. We have a group here in UK – British Organ Grinders Ass. Even the abbreviation BOGA raises a smile.We are a happy band, playing and raising money for good causes. Look out for us at fetes, garden parties and Steam rallies and come over for a chat and a joke. Cheers Bernard.

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