DIY Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment cover

Everything You Need to Know About Sexual Harassment
1990, 1997

Submitter: Apparently, judging from the cover and pictures included in this Sexual Harassment book, this is a How-To manual.

Holly: It doesn’t even matter which edition this is – they’re both too old!  They won’t include online harassment, for one thing. That cover is totally creepy, too!

Men watching woman


  1. Those guys look like they are holding up phone pole and what is on the guy on the rights head?

  2. That guy on the right looks like he’s got the gal’s hair glued to the back of his head…

  3. Are they harassing her if they are just looking after she walked by? Don’t we all look?

    1. Yes, a woman ought to be able to walk on the sidewalk without getting ogled like that.

  4. Anyone know of a good book on this subject? I admit this one is old, but the subject should be addressed, and this is definitely a “bad is worse than none” topic.

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