DIY Hot Tub

Build Your Own Hot Tub cover

Build your Own Hot Tub

Submitter: In actuality a fairly well done how-to book; the cover alone demands submission.  You just KNOW that there are no bathing suits in evidence there – and is that Paul Simon third from the left?!   Especially when reading the last sentence in paragraph two of “The Spiritual Community.” After all, ‘the hot tub is an environment of pleasure’.

Holly: Is it even possible to write a book about a hot tub that isn’t a little sexy?  It sure wasn’t in the 1970s!

The Spiritual Community

Sex in the hot tub


  1. No real problem with deprivational privacy in a hot tub, except for turning into a big prune!

  2. Within a few weeks of celebrating my 30th anniversary, I remember spending an evening a bit more intimately than I had expected in my future brother-in-law’s hot tub. No clothes was the rule even in conservative Salt Lake City.

  3. The man on the right, who seems to be clinging desperately to the edge of the tub, looks like he is melting.

  4. I shudder to think of all the hair that must clog the drain of this hot tub.

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