DIY Crowns and Tiaras

Crowns and Tiaras coverCrowns & Tiaras
Judd and Montecinos

Submitter: Why would anyone want a crown made of chicken wire? Maybe I’m the odd one, but I really don’t want almost-garbage on my head. We’re a small public library and this hadn’t been circ’d in over 3 years. Plus, it’s just plain weird!

Holly: This has #NailedIt potential. It would be fun to use this book in a Nailed It! knockoff program. Give people one of these instruction sheets and then compare their final result to the picture in the book. The one on the cover is a bit…much…

Crowns and Tiaras back cover

Starry Tsarina

Woodland Fairy

Woodland Fairy instructions


  1. Maybe this would be inspirational for Melania Trump, as she ponders how to decorate the White House this year. I’m thinking particularly of the “Woodland Fairy,” with her dour expression — perfect mood!

  2. Weird and a bit tacky? Yes. Useful to cosplayers, especially on TikTok? Also yes. But if it hasn’t circed in 3 years it’s time to let it go.

  3. What is weird is having a grown woman modeling. Substitute a six year old and suddenly these look like fun crafts to do with the kids.

  4. I wouldn’t have a happy expression either if I had tree branches or whatever those things are growing out of my back.

    1. I think they’re tentacles with which the Woodland Fairy grabs unwary travelers and then feasts on them with her court.

  5. Nowadays you could get a better-looking fake tiara off Amazon for less money than it’d take you to buy all those supplies. Plus no chicken wire.

    I’m surprised it circ’d as recently as 3 years ago, frankly.

  6. This _could_ be so neat and fun, but if your library patrons have decided it isn’t for them, and a display for a month or so doesn’t change that, yea I would let it go.

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