DIY Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy coverBankruptcy: Do it Yourself

Submitter: When I pulled this sad book off the shelf and read the title – I thought “Bankruptcy : do it yourself? Honey, us Millennials have been doing that for years…” This book comes with a disclaimer that it will be old, out of date, and should no longer be consulted at some point. Bankruptcy laws change frequently enough that this book is well past its shelf life.

Holly: It has that “typed on a typewriter in 1980” font, too. And look! A form copyrighted 1979. That oughta hold up in court.

Bankruptcy contents

Bankruptcy form

Bankruptcy lawyer

Bankruptcy cartoon


  1. The bad cartoons add a certain je ne sais quoi. It sure would have given me great confidence in following what this book had to say.

  2. I got a good chuckle out of the last cartoon – usually a generic name for a cartoon company is “Acme” – I had to read that several times to notice it says “Acne”! Are all the buildings built by Acne Construction blemishes on the face of the earth? 🙂

    1. On second reading, I see I misread it: it’s Acne Collection, Inc. – I think that’s an even worse name!

  3. All that legalese ! “Petitioner prays for relief …”: Dear God, in accordance with Chapter 7 of Title 11 of the United States Code …

  4. $12.00 in 1980! That was an expensive book! Yet they used that awful font, making it look cheap.

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