Disco Dancing with Donny and Marie

Disco With Donny and Marie coverDisco with Donny and Marie
Heaton and Zimmerman

I had a reference question a while back where I had to explain Donny and Marie to a teenager. God, I felt old. If you are more than 40 years or so, you probably remember them fondly or with disdain. I doubt there is any middle ground. I think it was probably one of those shows that was best viewed when high. If you need schooling on Donny and Marie, click here. Although Donny and Marie are around in Vegas and other venues, they are not what they were in the late 70s. (As if anyone is.)

This book is purely dance instruction for disco-complete with cut out feet. I encourage that everyone learn some of the techniques presented such as the “Travolta Point” or the “Disco Chicken”. My dancing skills were never that good, but I think I can manage the Travolta Point without too much trouble. I would bet just about every library in the US had more than a few choices on disco dancing at the time, however I think we can let this go and hustle to the book sale. So break out your shiny shirt, shag cut, and puka shell necklace and get ready to boogie.

Groovin’ in the Stacks,


Donny twirling

Leg Lift Basic

Travolta Point

Disco Chicken

Walk and Touch Basic


  1. My wife and I were just talking the other day how we’ve reached a point where a lot of younger people wouldn’t understand what a big deal Fonzie was at the time. I guess you could add Donny & Marie to that pile. I think they may literally be my earliest memories of prime time television. Everyone we knew watched the show.

  2. I was born in 1974 but knew nothing about Donnie and Marie. When I was a kid and watched Follow That Bird, the first Sesame Street movie, Big Bird’s two Muppet Dodo foster siblings are named Donnie and Marie, and even then I didn’t get the reference.

  3. What happened to Marie? No doubt grandmother to dozens of Mormon descendants by now. We still get ‘Little Jimmy’ Osmond on British TV – he appeared in a cooking competition recently – and he’s really nice and everybody likes him. (Though he was extremely irritating in the ’70s).

    1. Marie does commercials for a diet plan. And looks like she’s had some work done. If you watch CNN for an hour, you’ll see her several times, in between commercials for Cialis and psoriasis treatments.

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