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Submitter: I was excited to see this book at my local public library. I always like learning more about what other libraries are doing in the way of digital libraries. This book is a joke! Just take a look at the scanning section. Not to mention the pixelated HTML screenshots. Sad…

Holly: Apparently Ess Ess Publications is a publisher of library science materials in India. I don’t know where Submitter’s library is located, and I don’t know how useful this would be to libraries in India. I was surprised at the publication date, though, and those screen shots on the example pages (below) are impossible to read. Not your best choice on the subject here in the U.S.!

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  1. A poorly produced book indeed. Standards are higher today than back in: January 30th 2021….?! There is no excuse for this. I know I can’t recommend Ess Ess Publications. Zines are better produced than this! I’m sorry, I should not insult the craft of zine making. I’m getting frustrated. I’m checking now in my library if this book exists….nope, not here, thankfully….dump this chump book in the garbage can. SHARE!

  2. Whoever bought this for their library needs to have purchasing decisions taken out of their hands, or at least have someone review their ideas!

    I’m sure India has better books than this, they’re heavily into software. If this is at a US, Canadian, UK, Oz or NZ library, it’s a complete waste of money and shelf space.

  3. It is a good thing we “don’t judge a book by its cover” because I would arraign this one for false advertising or obtaining money and interest by false pretenses.

  4. As a Web developer, I am disturbed by the statement that “JPEG can be uploaded as HTML”, and no mention that JPEG is a lossy format.

  5. That’s “lossy” not “lousy”, although I bet there are tech-heads who think they’re one and the same

  6. The graphics in that “book” remind me–

    Around 2011, the library where I worked acquired a book that was purportedly a reproduction of a book that was long-out-of-print.

    Some of you may have seen these. Occasionally in these books, the publisher does not have the right to reproduce a given photo, so instead of a picture, there is a box with the words “Photo unavailable due to copyright” or some such.

    This particular book didn’t have any text at all, other than the title page. Every page in the book had nothing but a box with the words “Photo unavailable.” 50-odd pages of this.

    I mean, what was the point?

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