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Cavanaugh and Forseth

Here we have another gem from the popular Christian dieting section. Remember that the Devil makes you fat!

This book is more confessional/scripture lesson than a specific diet. See the “contract” below. Obviously Satan is behind this awfulness of being fat. The author’s life is a series of awfulness beginning with teen pregnancy, miscarriages, stillbirth, alcoholic husband, and probably more that I don’t remember. It was like reading a month of Lifetime movies in one book.

I also think the ladies out there will appreciate the heads up on suicide and your menstrual cycle. Bottom line: a little more fiber in your diet and extra prayers and your life will be good as new.


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The Days of my youth

agreement with God

Glutton's glossary of foods

the menstrual cycle


  1. “When shopping for groceries, only buy the foods that you think Jesus, Peter or Paul would buy.” Ha! Imagine this happening in your local supermarket. “No, Timmy, Jesus didn’t eat Spaghetti-O’s, so you can’t either.” “Do you think Peter ate a gluten free diet?” “Would Paul go for the Low Fat Ice Cream, or the No Sugar Added Ice Cream?” “What kind of fish did Jesus use to feed the multitudes? Snapper or Tilapia?” The possibilities are endless!

  2. Why is the one misstatement that came close to galling me was that beer is made without yeast? (p 122)

  3. yich, crazy religion as justification for crazy eating. Great double the guilt for double the unhelthiness.

  4. To be fair, there is proof that prayer, even for non-believers, reduces stress. Being able to talk about everything that’s bothering you without being interrupted and given “advice” can be very freeing emotionally. Think about it – we’re always encouraged to bottle things up, to not talk about what’s making us upset because apparently it’s bad manners. Especially for us women as it makes us “undesirable to men” and “unladylike.” So I can see how prayer can help dieting.

    Not saying you should keep this out of date book. I’m sure there’s better ones out there. This is better for someone’s personal collection, not for a library.

  5. “Jesus did not approve this message. Any statements within are the sole opinion of the author and not representative necessarily of a higher power.”

  6. I’m not seeing anywhere on that contract for Satan to sign. Is he? it? simply bound by said contract without agreeing to it? I imagine there are many lawyers in Satan’s employ….

    1. Well, technically, this is not a contract, but rather a legal notice to Satan, warning Him of possible action to be taken if He ignores said notice. If, in fact, His actions in violation of the notice are found to be legal, the plaintiff would be held liable for any legal fees Satan has to expend in court.

      1. “Crippled Woman Healed on the Sabbath” (Luke 13) Jesus said to her “Woman you are free from your infirmity”.
        Now, if Jesus heals obesity, had it been an overweight woman, Jesus probably would had said, “woman” you are free from your fatness” and immediately she straightened up ,admired her svelte figure, and praised God.
        Wouldn’t it be something if one of those “charismatic healers” which are always on Sundays in the TV, who go around the temple pushing the sick on the forehead, to have them fell backwards as if struck by lightening ( there is always somebody behind catching them) and suddenly the quadriplegic can walk, cancer is cured, the blind can see, etc. I would like to see a heavy person become skinny when the healer touches her/him. That would be something…

  7. Michael Pollan (renowned food author) vs. Joan Cavanaugh:

    “Don’t eat anything your great-grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food.” -MP vs. “Only buy the foods that you think Jesus, Peter, or Paul would buy.” -JC
    “Don’t eat anything incapable of rotting.”-MP vs. “Eat only foods that spoil and eat them before they do.” -JC
    “If it came from a plant, eat it; if it was made in a plant, don’t.” -MP vs. “If God made it and man didn’t change it, then you can eat it.” -JC

    Just saying y’all. Gotta give it up to my girl Joan for predicting the newest food craze. 😉 That said I’m sure The Omnivore’s Dilemma is getting better circulation these days.

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