Dieting for God

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Slim for Him

Who doesn’t love the cover of the women walking through the clouds (or is that whipped cream?) This book is full of scripture and inspiration to keep your head in the game as you diet to your ideal weight and spiritual goodness.

We have had more than a few Christian diet books. Remember Help Lord – The devil wants me fat? Or how about diet advice for the ladies with More of Jesus, Less of me? And of course, one of our personal favorites: Jogging for Jesus. Unlike those titles, Slim for Him doesn’t have any specific health advice and doesn’t claim any outrageous health cures, just scripture and inspiration which probably makes this the best of these books.

Bottom line: God prefers you to be thin.


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  1. The God I learned about doesn’t care if you’re fat, thin, or somewhere in between He/She loves you just as you are. Just like Mr. Rogers. Wish more religious diet book writers knew about that God instead of the fat shaming judgemental one they write about.

  2. Oh, cripes. I thought the title meant “slim for him”, i.e. for the man in your life, because obviously he’ll love you more if there is less of you. Similarly wearing makeup “for him” (anyone remember Tammy Faye Bakker?) and dressing stylishly “for him”.

  3. I think the book is good inspirational good to quote and say when tempted by wrong foods god loves us skinny or fat yes
    Our body is the temple there fore god wants us to be healthy not obese which in time causes a lot of health problems

  4. So eating anything “bad” even once in a while makes me an evil, horrible sinner, huh? Speaking of which, I’ve got an intense craving for devil’s food cake right now…

    1. Yes, because the Creator of the Universe has time to obsess over your dietary habits, as well as your sex life.

  5. I thought it was a 70’s era guide on how to keep your man. I guess “Jesus Thinks You’re A Fattie” was just the working title…

  6. Of all the people I thought judged me by my weight, God wasn’t one of them! I get the idea of emotional/inspirational support, but don’t tell God didn’t make me exactly as I am, that I’m a disappointment. Now I need a brownie!

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