Die Trying

Final Exam - coverFinal Exam

Submitter: We found this book in our collection, looking very worn over its 21 years of use.  When I looked at the name on the school of this teen horror book, however, it was just too creepy!  Who knew that nine years later, a school with the same name would go through something much, much worse.

Holly: School name zoomed in below. Creeee-pyyyyy!


Final Exam - closeup of cover


  1. Finally, a book I’ve read. Ah A. Bates, slightly less dirty than Christopher Pike and worse stories than Caroline B. Cooney.

  2. OMG, how perfect!

    I used to love these kinds of books when I was in junior high. I actually owned Party Line. The Babysitter was the best of all the teen “horror” books!

  3. It’s the pointy part of the M that lets you know bad things are afoot…

    Brought to you by A. Bates, brother of Norman!

  4. This is not, in fact, all that unusual. Google ‘Wreck of the Titan’ and ‘No Highway’ for fictional premonitions of the sinking of the Titanic and the Comet disasters, respectively. Not to mention the whole slew of turn-of-the-century novels accurately predicting a cataclysmic war in Europe. Life frequently imitates art, sometimes in extremely unpleasant ways…

  5. I read this back in the day, and rather enjoyed it. As you say Emily, not as dodgy as Christopher Pike, therefore not as interesting to me at the time!

  6. Wow. I read this one and Party Line. I’m pretty sure I got it from the local library back in the day along with all the Fear Street books.

  7. This book is somewhat prophetic. 9 years later,the real Columbine high school had to face the wrath of Eric and Dylan.

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