Did You See What She Was Wearing?

Teen Fashionista coverHow to Be a Teen Fashionista

Submitter: I chose this to weed mostly because of the fabu-licious cover. Believe it or not, this book was published in 2005. I included a couple of pictures from inside the book, like the “send my ho to school day” outfit (seriously, how is she supposed to sit at a desk in that skirt?) and “guy in rubber leaf suit.” I really want to start a collection of wonderful weeds. I would also include the book What’s Up with Bridget’s Mom for sheer delight factor.

Holly: There are some interesting choices for teenagers in this book.  That’s for sure.  Then again, I’m enough of a fashion “don’t” that I probably wouldn’t recognize what is in these days!

(Hey, @Jamisings…the boys in the book do seem to be wearing their pants correctly!  That alone might make it a keeper for your collection!)

brooches in clusters

cut off sweatpants


  1. I’ve never even heard of thigh jewellery! Was that a ‘blink or you’ll miss it deal’?

  2. OMG, that SKIRT! Is her school producing The Vagina Monologues? Is the book’s subtitle, “But If You Can’t Swing Teen Fashionista, Aim for Teen Prostitute”? (But she’s got leg warmers–leg warmers!–on, I assume for modesty.)

    And the advice to cut off your sweats to make a “skirt”–no. You are not fooling anyone. Cut-off sweats look like cut-off sweats, I don’t care how hard you try to dress them up.

  3. OMG, you two haven’t heard of MC Texture and Creamsicle, the wildly successful music act in the second image? MC Texture had all these different suits — Astroturf, burlap….

    Okay, nothing I just said is true. Never mind. I just know that when I think of “cutoff sweatpants,” I do actually think, “Time to get out the orange stiletto boots with the tiny laces.” Really.

  4. i…that…they…it’s…
    i think i love this book. i would want to own it for those days when i’m feeling bad about my lack of fashion sense.

  5. LOL But I’m 34, I’m not that interested in what teen boys are wearing! Now grown men on the other hand….

  6. That is the most unflattering miniskirt I’ve ever seen! Yuk. What a weird book. Thigh jewelry? Clusters of brooches? “Dressed up” cut-off *sweatpants*, for crying out loud?! I have never seen anyone, anywhere wearing anything remotely like these outfits, but I suppose that could just prove how terminally unfashionable I am.

  7. The blond in the cardigan and brooches actually looks OK, but that other chick … first thing that came to mind was “You got to shave when you wear that skirt, and I don’t mean your legs …”. oy.

  8. When I caught my first glimpse of the cover, I thought the date of publication would be 1975 or so. 2005! Good grief.

  9. Surely this book was, like, totally lame and, like, so last year by the time it came out. Nothing seems to be out of date quicker than fashion, especially teen fashion, as I no doubt illustrated with my Clueless-era teen speak (to be fair I was a teen then).

  10. What are the requirements for publishing a book like this? A Goodwill in your hometown and a bunch of teens willing to wear whatever you want them to put on for the photo?

  11. I’m almost positive this is an amusing art project thing. It’s just too wacky, and fits in with the sort of stuff the photographer Chase Koopersmith does, according to her website (which I won’t link directly because OMG RUDE PARTS)

    Or it could be the same person, and this project really was done in earnest when she was 15.

    Looking further, I see http://www.universalhub.com/node/11521 which coincides with the bio on her site about studying art at Boston.

  12. “Avoid wearing thigh jewelry if you don’t want people to look directly at your legs?” I for one would studiously avoid looking directly at thigh jewelry, and I might not notice it at all when worn with that route marker skirt.

  13. I think this book was aiming at women who are not teens since a long time but wants to dress like teenagers – or at least, the way they perceive teenagers to be…

  14. @Anna K: It’s not just you. The cover model looks freakishly like post-surgical Bristol Palin. (She recently had corrective jaw surgery that made her cheekbones appear higher and her eyes wider.)

  15. “…avoid wearing thigh jewelry if you don’t want people to look directly at your legs.”

    That sentence should have ended before the “if you don’t want people to look directly at your legs” part.

  16. Strange fashion tips for 2005. Was it a reissue from earlier? I have never heard of thigh jewelry (I have children, grown, teen and older teen). And I don’t think most teens know what a brooch is! Doesn’t that girl in the skirt have her shoes on the wrong feet?
    These girls are named Vanilla and Tinkerbelle?

  17. Does anyone remember that brief time in the 80s when wearing a bandanna around your thigh if it was thin enough or above your knee if it wasn’t over a pair of jeans or stretch pants was in fashion? Or was it just my school? Especially those florescent colored ones.

  18. @Jami, I remember that, too. I believe it was inspired by Chachi on Happy days, a true arbiter of fashion if there ever was one.

  19. @Kat – wasn’t it a punk thing? I remember Sid Vicious did that. You can see it in the video of “My Way”.

  20. I’m a teenager and i can tell you for a fact that not only have i never dressed like that (thigh jewelry, seriously?!), i wouldn’t be caught dead dressed like that. And while i have seen some of my peers dressed pretty badly, i have never seen any of them dressed that badly. And baggy sweatpants cut off and made in shorts was NEVER a trend among my peers at any time, nor was an orange suit that looks like it went through a cheese grater. The title should be: How to be a Teen Fashion Reject.

  21. If you’re wearing cutoff sweatpant shorts, “thick calves” are really the least of your worries.

  22. I didn’t even know that skirt was a skirt until I started reading the comments; I thought she was wearing shorts! Wow. Words cannot adequately describe how terrible all of these outfits are. The only one who looks halfway decent is the girl wearing the white cardigan with brooches and jeans. I was in college in 2005, and was 20 years old (not too far from being a teen!), and I have never heard of thigh jewelry or making shorts out of cutoff sweatpants. Ick.

  23. I graduated college in 2005 and I never dressed or saw any teens and young adults dressed like this. The only one who looks remotely like something people would wear is the girl with teh cardigan and jeans.

    Check out MC Cheeze Gratin’ Know Nothin’ and his girlfriend who shall remain anonymous for fear of being outed. Terrible!

  24. I admit to wearing cut off sweatpants a few times, but to field hockey practice! But that was OK, it was for running around like mad, not a fashion statement. And I remember the bandanna around the leg as well, back in the day.

  25. This book was apparently about teen trends rather than style and fashion, and shouldn’t have gotten into the library’s collection. A book that should have passed would be one that would tell teens to invest in stylish clothes and suits for appearing professional and grown-up, especially for the job interviews above working for “fast food”.

  26. Maybe it’s just me, but I really don’t think any high school administration would let the textured suit or The Skirt through the door. As for the two ‘passes’ from the school, any girl who tried to wear them would probably be ostracized… Or worse. What were they THINKING when they published this book?

  27. i dont think i’ll ever see a highschool guy go to school wearing that chicken suit, so why is int on the background??? and the orange shade on the girl was really bad!! that girl in the mini skirt would never survive highschool with that! one glance at the cover and i knew the book was bad,… But it was good for you not to judge the book by its cover, cause you wouldn’t have written this article… haha!!

  28. I was 15 when this book was published and I can guarantee that nobody dressed like this or would find this fashionable (though I do think that was around the time when knit ponchos became fashionable for a short period). The closest anyone would get to dressing like this would be during Spirit Week on “80’s day”.

    And when I saw the cover of this book I thought for sure it had to be from the late 80- early 90’s since I do recall horrible fashion choices being around when I was a little kid.

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