ADA Guide to Insulin and Type 2 DiabetesAmerican Diabetes Association Guide to Insulin and Type 2 Diabetes

Submitter: Why do I hear Wilford Brimley’s voice “Diabetes” when I look at this book.  We received this book as a donation last week. It’s a 13 year old book on Diabetes. We won’t keep a medical book longer than 5 years at this library – so this went straight to the weed pile. 13 years in any medical field feels like light years in achievements.

Holly: Dear patrons, Thank you for thinking of the library with your donation. Our need for materials is great.

But not this great.

No Way

adjusting insulin doses



  1. I’m pretty sure this book was around when Wilfred was still telling us about diabeetus.

    Do these books go into the trash or into the recycle bin?

    I have a friend who works at a university library, and when they did their *massive* weeding a few years ago, they first piled all the books outside for the public to take, then the paperbacks went straight to recycling, and the hardbacks had the interiors removed by student interns/workers and into recycling while they put the covers into a dumpster. I’m sure a public library doesn’t have the staff and money of a private university, though.

    My friend made me a very useful and amusing cover for my Kindle out of an appropriately-sized cover, so it looks as though I’m reading a “real” library book. She even preserved the inner cover endpapers, which are very pretty watercolors.

    1. Now I’m going to be on the lookout for the perfect discard so I can make a Kindle cover! That’s a great idea. (Could even be a fundraiser for our library Friends organization.)

  2. The format of these pages looks like they copied them from an online message board or social media-type site. In which case, why not just visit that site instead of reading the questions and answers printed out in a book?

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