Deviant Minorities

Emergence of deviant minorities coverThe Emergence of Deviant Minorities, Social Problems and Social change

Submitter: This book is giving the reader information on what are being classified as current Deviant Minorities. It mostly uses information from the previous decade. Since this book is from 1972, that decade would be the 1960’s. So, not too current for a small public library. There may be some value in this for a research or academic library. I am not convinced that the small public library, filled to the brim, is the best place to hold this. The creepy cover and scotch tape binding also add some additional thoughts!

Holly: An interesting book, for sure, but too old to be useful to most public library patrons. If it takes more time and tape to fix a book than the actual book is worth, it might be time to consider the recycle bin. Just sayin’.

Emergence of deviant minorities contents

Emergence of deviant minorities contents

Underemployment of youth

Poor and Near Poor - projections for the 1970s



    1. I can see where they are coming from in doing so, since society treats them all (or did once) in similar ways to racial minorities. My question: How do these ‘minorities’ become deviant, and do the authors view that as a good or a bad thing?

  1. Open casting call for the role of Death in Bergman’s The Seventh Seal? That’s what those guys remind me of

  2. Hmmm, one month on, looking at that photo of the guys in whiteface with black hoods, I see a normal-looking black guy in the background. Wonder what this picture is of?

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