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How to Make Party and Holiday Decorations
Easy to make delightful decorations for every special occasion

This book was still in circulation (as of this writing). The binding was cracked and there was quite a bit of tape used to rescue this lovely book. It also contains the ugliest decorations I have seen. The I am almost ready to declare this to be a possible hall of fame craft disaster book for 2019, possibly for all time. I also feel confident in saying that I would have felt the same in 1976.




back cover

cake topper decoration

easter decorations

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  1. Ugh! This looks like decorations from Annie Wilkes’ house! (Kathy Bates played her in Misery)
    I can also see Pennywise the Clown fancying those decorations for his lair, too.

  2. Suppose, just for a moment, that you inherited a house filled with all these decorations and more (because the sort of person who would make and use these would also be celebrating holidays like Arbor Day and National Pickle Week).

    What do you burn first?

    1. I would call the junk removal company and have them take it all away! Then i would redecorate the damn house.

    2. Um, neither. I think some (not all) of them are quite cute and the bridal ones are pretty.

      Plus seeing how I have a thing for vintage dolls (I have enough now that I could furnish a doll room for a horror movie) I can’t judge on those who’d love decor like this.

  3. I see they have the Doomsday Clock for a New Year’s decoration. How cheerful. Although it does fit in with how I basically feel every New Year.

  4. My mother owned this book! And I was kind of obsessed with it as a child. Can’t remember if we ever tried to make any thing in it, but I used to look through it all the time.

  5. A bar I frequented about ten years ago had the Leprechaun Wall Hanging as a St. Patrick’s Day decoration. Despite only being on display for a few weeks a year it was old enough to be nicotine stained to a brownish-tan. I don’t know what happened to it when the bar closed but I hope it’s in a place where it can’t harm anyone anymore.

  6. These are so bad that it makes me feel incredibly sorry for the poor author! I want to run out and make all these crafts out of a weird sense of guilt. Maybe that was their goal? (That being said, I do think the “champagne glass favors” might be potentially kind of cute!)

  7. Quoting instructions: “Cut two pieces of Decorative Puff”.

    Um. Who here wants to walk into a store and ask where the Decorative Puff is?

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