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Self-Defence for boys and men

Self-Defense for Boys and Men: A Physical Education Course

Yikes, this one is an oldie, but a goodie. Over 10 years ago, we ran the lady version of this book Self-Defense for Girls by this same author. This title includes Men and Boys, but sadly the other book is just for girls. I guess the women are just out of luck.

Aside from the fact this book is being held together by tape, and has years of dirt ground into the cover, it’s really old. Separating the boys from the girls isn’t really appropriate in material like this. Yes, women and men have different issues when it comes to personal safety, but combining them into one book would actually be more helpful than having separate books.

Frankly, just weed it based on the gym clothes and don’t look back!


back cover

self defense is not a sport

knife attack



  1. If this book doesn’t have a foul odor under all that tape and dirt, I’d be surprised. If it’s on cheap paper, it’s old enough for the paper to begin taking on that acrid decomposition smell.

    There have to be newer books on this topic that probably have more pictures. And I’m sure there’s plenty of videos online.

    1. I’m hesitant to point people to online selfdefence resources because they may well be “vicious” or “violent”. (Not saying to keep this book, or that its methods are actually “not vicious or violent”.)

  2. Well of course we need different books for boys/men and girls. Just look at the pictures: Men are attacked with knifes or grabbed around the waist and neck, while women are only ever touched at their forearms up to the elbow.

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