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Decorating Ideas for Every Room in Your Home
Eisinger (Ed.) /Knapp (Illus)

Another decorating books from the olden days. For those of you looking for retro chic, this is your chance!

All our 60’s favorites are here:

    • Seizure inducing prints
    • Matching everything
    • Crappy/meaningless artwork
    • Blinding colors and patterns

It’s almost like Beverly Hillbillies meet the Playboy Mansion, with some Grandma stuff on the side.

No thank you. Please use caution viewing the interior pictures.


back cover

living rooms and patterns

casual seating


indoor/outdoor spaces

youth bedroom

master bedroom

master bedroom




  1. There may be a camouflaged child hiding in the children’ s room. Who could tell?

      1. I so want to be certain that either the US or the Soviet Union at least thought of exploring the need or utility of garish wallpaper camouflage in this part of the century.

  2. I’m gonna go wild here sorry not sorry.
    – Swirly calligraphic “D” + floor to cieling bars on cover = castle dungeon
    – Who has a fireplace in their attic?
    – pages 6 and 7 belong to that “Good Taste and Bad Taste in Couches” article
    – Potted plant fireplace with iffy mantel painting in the Blue Room = unquestionably revolving door to secret passage to UNCLE or sth.
    – page 51 they actually carpeted the floor under the table with longhair fur.
    – Ngl the beaded curtain, table, and green carpet one is nice.
    – Page 71, family room is not functional, front cover is false advertizing. Corner seating arrangement is not actually in the corner – no wall to lean back against, only ferns and bowling pin bottles.
    – Children’s room is not practical, but I like it in a way. “Children love exuberant, often vividly-bold colors and color combinations” -> ND-children-not-wanted school of interior design
    – An older couple returns to city living -> porno. Not sure how, but somehow. “Stage” name Montgolfier for one, Icarus for the other.
    – Bottom of last page. That is napped red felt _WALLPAPER_ (my grand mother had some).

  3. Gag me with a spoon! I did like those big horse-and-rider pictures in the improbable attic rec room, though.

  4. I actually love the attic-turned-rec room on the back cover. I guess the bedroom in the last photo would at least hide blood spatter?

  5. I can HEAR the photographs.

    See the children’s room wallpaper? Now imagine something very like that covering a small bathroom.

    Guess what room got painted first when we bought the house.

  6. Why did I hear the theme music from “That 70’s Show” with each transition to another photo?

  7. I keep looking at the family room in horror. Terrible combo of prints and colors, non-functional seating, and who the heck grills/BBQs in the family room?!

    The table with the bead curtains is the only decent look here. The blue room probably wouldn’t send me screaming away in horror. But how could anyone sleep in that last bedroom?

  8. Design Librarian here – This stuff is never coming back into vouge. No matter how much influences are pushing this crap found at Good Will (frequently seen on Instagram.) In my 20 years as a librarian at a design school, I have seen so many decades come back into style again and again- but the 70s is not, and has never been one. We have the Taschen Decorative Art series – Each decade has been checked out repeatedly . But not the 1970s.

    1. This is very reassuring, thank you. Growing up in that era, I never want it to come back. Not even a little bit. Everything felt as bad as it looked.

  9. What were they thinking in the 70’s?! I’m glad I was too young to remember or care (born ’75). Unfortunately some of the ill-advised design choices remained in ’80s homes, which I do remember…

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