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macrame open house cover

Macrame Open House

My new collection responsibilities include crafting, so naturally I am running into tons of titles featuring some of this lovely crap, I mean stuff. Macrame books have been a staple at ALB and this book fits right in to our growing archive of macrame. My particular favorite of this book is featured in the last picture below. Who wouldn’t want a patriotic themed wall hanging of a Ewok-looking Uncle Sam? It also might be a cat face. I’m not sure. (Special Note: I am well aware of the fact that Return of the Jedi was not released until 1983, so we can assume the crafter was NOT going for a Star Wars theme.)

May the crafting force be with you,



macrame curtains lampshade


macrame tie



macrame crafts examples

macrame craft examples

macrame craft examples



    1. Wipe out the hideous 70’s-cute back-drops, update the fibers, colors and settings and it’s not a horrible thing. I don’t think macrame fell from the skies fully formed in the mid 1970’s as a way to sell icky acrylic/polyester faux natural fiber string to occupy the hands of people to give as gifts to give as gifts so the recipient can donate the item in ten years once they’re dusty and reek of pot and/or cigarette s some.

      Imagine these done in silk cording with accents of wool and wool felt, rayon, natural smoothed hardwood, … quality materials… luxury fibers. Not cheap space fillers. That would be a different experience altogether.

      1. That window treatment in the second picture would be quite pretty in updated colors with good quality fibers. You see a similar thing with crochet–Grandma’s acrylic toilet paper cozy is not a great example of what can be done with the technique.

  1. Uncle Sam looks like he’s staring into a pit of despair. “Why have you done this to me?”

  2. The thing about so many crafts is that they are enormously fun to make, but then you’re stuck with a lot of useless junk. My mother was a big crafter in the 70s and we had a houseful of macrame. It was fine at the time, but it sure did date quickly.

  3. Um – I actually kind of like the lampshade. Because purple’s my favorite color I can kind of see it in my head in different shades of purple. Lavender, violet, royal, etc.

    Not that I’d make one, I’d probably suck at it. But I would probably BUY one.

  4. I know a lot of dads get ties for Father’s Day but come on! Any tie that calls for 95 yards of material must be a tie for Paul Bunyan. Oh, wait–not that sort of tie, huh?

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