Deadly Deception

deadly deception cover

Deadly Deception: The Proof that Sex and HIV Absolutely Do Not Cause AIDS

Really?  1994?  Wow.  I’m really suprised it is that current (and yet…old in medical book terms).  There are some pretty “interesting” reviews of this book at  I can’t wait to hear what you all think!


  1. IN WHAT WORLD?!? So… what does cause it, O wise mind? Alien invasion? Common pesticides in yer food? Black cat crossing yer path?
    On a different note, this book looks like it’s been well circulated. Yikes.

  2. It would be irresponsible to leave a book like that in circulation, unless perhaps as part of a university library collection discussing medical myths/old (mis)understandings of disease. In a city’s library, I can’t imagine that the book would have any positive effect — either for a student looking to learn more about HIV/AIDS or for someone who is concerned that they might be HIV+.

  3. Other Amazon customers “also bought” books by Suzanne Somers…no surprise there! There’s nothing wrong with having more than one viewpoint represented in your collection, but get something new, from a reputable publisher!

  4. L.B.: The leading contenders are God’s Wrath and environmental toxins, depending on whether the HIV-denier has a religious or pseudo-scientific bent.

  5. there’s something just REALLY DISTURBING about that cover art; needle…condom…jab…wuhh…thank the gods they didnt smear it w/blood too…

  6. Yet another book that makes me wonder how the hell this thing got published in the first place. And you’re right, the amazon reviews on this book are shocking!

  7. I have a book, published about the same time, called ‘Inventing the AIDS Virus’ by Peter Duesberg. He believes, if memory serves, that HIV is a relatively harmless virus, and that AIDS is in caused by other factors.

    Curious as to whether he believed the same all these years later, I stumbled on He is still contends, it seems, that HIV is not the cause of AIDS.

  8. And I thought it was bad that my coworker insisted that shaving armpits and using antiperspirant causes breast cancer because her homeopathic “doctor” says so. (Nevermind I kept directing her to sites like The Beauty Brains and Snopes that debunks this. “He’s smart so he knows and I believe him.”)

    For the record, I believe in God and I do NOT believe that this is His/Her “wrath.” That’s just fundamentalist buttheads whom, according to the Bible, will be going to Hell anyway because they don’t practice “love thy neighbor” and “do unto others” – that say crap like that. They wouldn’t know God’s real will if God gave it life and it bit them on the nose.

  9. Oddly enough, we have this in our theological library (bigass university, many libraries). One of the LC subject headings is AIDS (Disease) –Popular works.

  10. I wouldn’t want to touch the cover of this book. I know I can’t really get jabbed by that gross needle but subconsciously it would seem like I could.

  11. Ah, I remember this argument… among the activist gay men of ACT-UP… or, possibly, the government operatives that infiltrated the organization in order to discredit it. You decide.