David Cassidy-Teen Idol

Meet David Cassidy

Meet David Cassidy

As the resident “elder” at ALB, I can tell you that Cassidy was all that and a bag of chips in the early 1970s. Since this was the early 1970s and Cassidy was about 22, so this is mostly just fluff and stuff about the television show. I would imagine this was probably done by a publicity department with stills from the shows and his concerts.

Cassidy struggled with his fame and public perception his whole life. Struggles with alcoholism, issues with his father, the actor Jack Cassidy and toward the end of his life, dementia. Cassidy did pen a couple of memoirs:  C’mon, Get Happy … Fear and Loathing on the Partridge Family Bus  1994 and Could It Be Forever? My Story 2007. Cassidy died in 2017.


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  1. I bet this doesn’t mention the Rolling Stone cover issue and the whole uproar that story caused with the drugs, groupies, etc. Not wholesome enough for Scholastic!

    Seems to be a lot of filler about the rest of the Partridges, too.

    Someone Mary’s (and my) age would absolutely buy this in the book sale.

  2. I think he eventually admitted that he didn’t have dementia, and that he only said he did to try to explain some incidents that were actually alcohol-related.

  3. Lots of Schadenfreude with both the famous Cassidys, isn’t there just? A good idea to wear a signet ring with your family crest in case you ever self-immolate in a house fire (as Jack did), however.

    1. Shaun managed to learn from their bad examples and lead a pretty normal life.

      (Plus I always thought he was cuter than David.)

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