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How to get the man of your dreams using the Internet

Ladies! Here is your chance to find the man of your dreams using the Internet. We have had a lot of dating books on our website over the years. By the time this book was published, many online dating sites were still in their early days. Very little is offered about finding the right type of service, although the author said that a good quality in a service is a chat room.

The advice is thin, even for the early days of Internet dating. Some of the other books we have featured on our site about Internet dating have more depth than this book.

There is also an excessive amount of information for importing the man of your dreams or you going out of the country to find him. I am sure the immigration information and other travel information is out of date. I started thinking this was something like a green card scam.

Other helpful advice:

  • Don’t send money to people you don’t know.
  • Don’t trust a profile without a picture.
  • Make a spreadsheet of your “finds” with the basic facts.

No mention of safety protocols or what to do about creeps. Sorry friends, this one was a weeder from the get go.


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  1. in 2005 if i had brought home that guy with the flat-assed Jheri Curl
    my sisters would never let me hear the end of it. in fact in 1985 his hair would have been beat down.

  2. Other than the dated ICQ bit (I remember an older sibling of mine using it – alot – decades ago!), the advice in the sample pages doesn’t seem bad. Both nouns could be replaced with “person” or “partner” depending on the context and it be OK.

  3. So a man wrote this? (Constantly approached? Where? Bars? Clubs? Churches? PTA conferences?) I think such books as these need to have at least two authors: one man one woman to bring balance and so they can verify and check each other. In the end at least two people should be editors listed with several others contributing and who have different gender identities. This book is solely aimed at women looking for a hetero and monogamous relationship. It’s extrapolated opinion.

    …it was a weeder hot off the presses. Sorry Mr. Chance.

  4. Weren’t there ALWAYS more books/websites/whatever full of women looking for American husbands rather than the other way around, as mentioned on pg. 13?

    I’m not sure how this guy’s experience with “I hate American women, so I went to get a Chinese bride” has any application to Internet dating, nor to “how to weed out losers and creeps”.

    I mean…. eeeuuuugggghhhh.

  5. Sebastian, I think someone’s cultural background may be a tiny bit more important than someone’s hair and eye color. Who is he writing for? Middle schoolers?

  6. So the author put a picture of himself right in the center of the cover collage of “hot guys?” LOL

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