Dating Tips from ALB

Happy Valentine’s Day! In preparation of a night of romance, Holly and I have created a special reading list for all your romance needs! The books have all sorts of tips on saving money, pick up lines, and finding that special someone. Click on the title to see the full post. You’re welcome.


101 Best Opening Lines (Meeting People)

101 Best Opening Lines cover


Cheap Date Handbook
The Complete How-To Guide To Successful Inexpensive Dating
Cheap Date Handbook - Cover


The Complete Guide to Meeting Women

Meeting Women cover

How to Be Outrageously Successful with the Opposite Sex

uccessful with the opposite sex

Guerrilla Dating Tactics

Guerrilla Dating Tactics cover




    1. @ Omniviewer, personally, I’m torn between “Dates Cost Less If You Leave Your Bra At Home!” and “All-Natural Hippie Yoga Dating – For Free”

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