Dating Tips for the Desperate

Guerrilla Dating Tactics coverGuerrilla Dating Tactics
Strategies, Tips and Secrets for Finding Romance

Are you desperate for love? Are you looking in all the wrong places? This is your book! It even has a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! This book has it all: flirting advice, pick up lines, personal ads, and cutting edge techniques using a fax machine! Sample ice breaker: “Do you think we will ever change to the metric system?” Now I am all hot and bothered thinking about the metric system.

Waiting by the phone,


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Pickup Lines


Personal Ads

Guerilla Dating technology by fax


  1. Out of date though it might be, the “WARNING” section needs to be blown up, turned into a poster, and put up in the bathrooms of every single bar in existence. As well as posted to the internet.

    1. Hm, three dislikes. Guess there’s three people out there who think “I could drink your bathwater” is actually a classy pick up line.

      Or one person with three computers.

  2. a “Cathy” comic strip that reminds you of her? does any guy really want an idiot with no nose who yells ACK out of both corners of her mouth?

    1. I think I would be offended if a guy thought a Cathy strip reminded him of me. “Ooh, I’m too fat for a bathing suit? Thanks sweetie.”

  3. There is a typo in your title, you left out one of the R’s in GurerRilla. Sorry 🙂

  4. “Think three times before telling some guy that your body is like an outlaw because it’s wanted all over town.” I don’t think I could even finish this sentence with a straight face. Goodness gracious!

    1. Yikes! That’s the line I used to approach men, and when that failed, I asked in Mae West’ fashion about the gun in his pocket. .No wonder I never remarried!

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