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Love and Dating coverLove and Dating

This book looked older than 1994. I would have sworn late 1980s, tops. The advice is not that bad and mostly common sense stuff. The illustrations are awful and that alone would make it weed-able, in my opinion. (I can just imagine my teen patrons rolling eyes at this one.)

Ladies, I encourage you to take a look at how to rate with guys. Obviously, we need to all examine our “ladylike” behavior. (The book doesn’t give us details on what that behavior might mean.)


Love and Dating back cover

Love and Dating contents

Sexual attraction is not love

Play it Cool

How to Rate with Your Date

That's a line

I appreciate you for that

I couldn't believe it


  1. I could’ve sworn I’d seen these exact illustrations on Simplicity pattern packages from 1986… 😛

    But anyway, a really good contemporary book on this topic would cover consent issues, sexting, and would make sure to include LGBTQIA people. Hell, compress down the whole Scarleteen website and publish that as a book.

  2. That illustrator gives the black teens comical lips?

    Those names? Rick Rogers? I cant believe this book would ever have circulated.

  3. I have to admit I like the “That’s a line” section. All to often, kids are told “just say no” without being given the tools to do so.

  4. Ah yes, the age old tradition of questionable artists taking “inspiration” from photos, in this case actors and scenes from “Saved by the Bell.”

  5. If you don’t want “fear, worry and guilt” in your marriage don’t have sex before hand? What utter nonsense! My wife and I have been married for over 15 years and we had plenty of sex before marriage. And talk about creepy, the story of the two guys…he’s so glad his friend didn’t make his future wife “impure”…talk about treating women like property.

    1. Agreed. That part made me cringe. (Well, even worse cringing than the other parts of the book.) Bleah.

    1. …who has an engineering degree yet loves talking to teens about sex and how they should act!

      1. There’s a term for people who think that being a recognized expert in one field makes them expert in all fields. On the other hand, books by people like Alan Nourse, while older, were written by someone who had training and experience in what they were writing on.

  6. No mention of same-sex attraction and telling you to save it for marriage. Is this book really from 1994?

    1. Maybe same-sex attraction is covered in “Three Kinds of Love.” Yeah, I didn’t think so either 😉

  7. “How can I attract someone of the opposite sex (the answer might surprise you!)”
    Ham Sandwich and bear trap?
    Duck call?

  8. I was 18 in 1994, we would have thought this book odd and cheesy then. Seventeen Magazine was our source for dating and relationship advice.

  9. The creepy idea that sex is something girls “give” to guys is straight out of the Victorian era. Eurgh.
    also, if that list were realistic about what guys care about in girls it would read:
    1. looks
    2. looks
    3. looks
    4. looks
    5. money
    6. looks
    7. looks
    8. looks
    9. willingness to put up with anything
    10. looks

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