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dating compatability coverThe Dating Compatibility Test

Still trying to locate “the one”? Whip out this little book and start the interview process. Nothing says love like an intrusive interview. Mostly, these seem to be multiple choice conversation starters. The questions are pretty superficial and just wandering through this book I kept thinking that I wouldn’t choose any of the given answers. In all fairness, I haven’t dated since Reagan was elected, so what do I know?

Bottom line: if you need this book to talk to your date, I think you can safely eliminate this person as a potential love match.



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  1. Back in 1977, as I was getting ready for my first marriage, my soon-to-be father-in-law decided that the two of us should take a compatibility test. Surprise! We were incredibly compatible!

    Of course, we both were answering the way we thought the other person would want us to answer, and not even aware we were doing it. Such is compatibility-test love. My second marriage, without any such test, lasted 20 years before we were parted by death. I’m never planning to contemplate compatibility again, but if I were, I wouldn’t be testing for it.

    Of larger interest, though — doesn’t something like this belong in a general-interest library collection? They may be silly, but lots of general-interest things can seem silly.

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