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Shy Guy’s Guide to Dating

I am probably the last person that should be talking about a dating book. (I haven’t had a date since Jimmy Carter was president.) Usually dating books don’t age that well. Since today’s dating types are more likely to use social media and online dating sites, I would probably weed something like this without a thought. However, I actually read a bunch of chapters and it wasn’t too bad. It was funny and wasn’t that obnoxious. I could do without the hunting metaphor about going for the “wounded gazelle” (aka a girl that is not so pretty), but otherwise it wasn’t as bad as some we have featured here. Of course, your mileage may vary.


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  1. I’ve got to admit, I was terrified to find out what pick up lines they were going to offer, but those seem pretty reasonable.

  2. The author wrote for The Simpsons and Ren and Stimpy, so some patrons might be interested in the book for that fact. Even though online dating is popular, many people still see it as a last resort.

  3. In 1998 I used to browse the Yahoo personals. So online dating certainly existed then, even if it wasn’t as big as now. I wonder if the book mentions it.

    I wonder why so many books have personality quizzes, especially one aimed at guys. I’m sure some might like them, but I imagine many men just want to get to the meat of the book.

  4. If a man were to start a conversation by saying, “Me and my friends are…” anything, he’d be done! I’m a stickler for proper English! I might miss out on a great guy, but if I cringe every time he talks it’s not worth it, or fair to him.

  5. My problem with the “pick-up lines” listed here is that most are not open-ended (here’s my reference librarian training coming into play). If you want to start a conversation with someone you don’t know, a question that can be answered with “10:15,” is not a good opener. They are mostly inoffensive, however, though I’d avoid the “video sex trivia” suggestion. (What is video sex trivia, anyway?).

  6. Glasses? Heaven forbid! I guess I should give up reading and depth perception so boys will like me. *takes off glasses*

  7. Dear God, the “easy prey” section is SO offensive! I’d be considered the “wounded gazelle” according to him but if some dude approached me thinking I’m easy prey I’d bite his head off. There’s nothing easy about me!

  8. Interestingly, I found no evidence on IMDb that this guy ever wrote for any cartoons. He did work for Marvel Comics for a while, though.

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