Dark Ages Social Media


Connecting Online: Creating a Successful Image on the Internet
Sherwin and Avila

Submitter: This is the 1997 edition and it is in a college library in [Canada].

Holly: For the love of All Things Holy, people, I am begging you to weed your computer books. Clearly, a successful online image in 2017 has literally nothing to do with anything pictured on the cover of this book. That telephone has a rotary dial!


women vs. men and age groups

Prodigy and Compuserve



  1. I don’t know … having a working Mac Classic in your computer collection my get you nerd points and help your online image.

    1. Fromula, I heard a rumour that you can get internet on your phone, now!! (I guess that’s what they mean by ‘dial-up’ internet! Lol!)

  2. All that technology looks really dated for 1997. The computer is from the late 80s. (We had one.)

  3. Anybody know what that thing in the 2nd circle is? Next to the old (rotary) phone, in the first pic.
    It looks like an old-time radio, but I’m assuming it’s an early modem… Yes?

    1. No, that’s a radio. Early modems had rubber cups you stuck the phone receiver into.

      1. Boy, wasn’t that fun. I remember having a fax machine at work — yes, all mine. It was called a telecopier and it was used to transmit ad proofs from the agency to me, as advertising manager for a retail outfit. This was in about 1978. To communicate, both parties needed to have the same brand of machine. You put your telephone handset in those rubber cups and watched as the technology miracle happened: a very grainy image, printed line by line, would appear and take 12 minutes to complete one page. Still, it was faster than the courier service it displaced.


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