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latin dancing cover

The Official Guide to Latin Dancing

I was weeding the 700s the other day and look what I found. This book is the companion to this Disco book we featured a while back. I am not a dancer although back in the 1970s I did attempt the Hustle and other disco favorites back in the day. I even remember looking at library books to figure out a few moves. It didn’t work. (I’m not going to blame the book, I will own the lack of dance skills) I would imagine this book is similar. I think folks looking for dance instruction are looking to different media and maybe dance instruction books will become obsolete.

Dancing in the stacks,


PS. Take a look at the harem pants on one of the dancers. You’re welcome.

Latin Dancing basics

Cha Cha Basics



  1. As someone who does ballroom and latin dancing, I think that a book is not going to teach you much about dancing. You’ll have a lot of questions and need someone who can answer them.

  2. Even though it is Latin dancing, I’m still hearing ‘More than a woman’ as I look at those photos….

  3. those pants also do a disservice to dance instruction by masking the leg position/moves :/

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