Damn Dirty Hippies

hippies drugs and promiscurity

Hippies, Drugs and Promiscuity

Dig the groovy cover? I do.

This is sort of a tell-all about the crazy world of hippies. In the context of this book, “hippy” generally refers to those folks that “reject the values of the established order.” However, they aren’t Communists (because they are too lazy to organize), or atheistic Marxists (because they like spirituality). They also aren’t cynical, like Beatnicks. They are different, because they embrace the use of “mind-bending chemicals.” (In this book, alcohol is not considered a “mind-bending chemical.”) I get the feeling that this somehow makes the hippies worse than these previous anti-establishment folks.

Labin gives everyone from the establishment a pretty good scare about those out of control kids. It reads like Richard Nixon lecturing on morality, sex and drugs. Every societal issue/problem is probably the fault of the hippies. If you are my age or older, you probably have heard most of these arguments from the older generation. It is an interesting read from a historical perspective and does belong in a collection somewhere.




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sex behavior of hippies


  1. Why was this originally published in French if it is primarily focused on scaring American Establishment-types?

  2. Wow, Suzanne here sounds like a lot of fun to hang out with. Though I’ll also point out that the actual text of the book, at least the excerpt shown here, seems to differ in tone from the alarmist wording on the front and back flaps and back cover. The language on the flap (“the Liberals,” “Leftist”) also suggests an American ideology, and it seems strange that it would be adopted with such urgency by a non-American. The text, from what I can see of it anyway, seems much more, if not completely, objective in its description of the sexual revolution.

  3. Expert on political warfare for the US? That sounds incredibly sinister. Especially with that list of other countries.

  4. That chick’s so straight, man! It’s freaking me out! Put Live Dead on and pass me the cover and some Rizlas…..aaaahhh!
    Sorry, where were we? Unless you are running a course entitled Historical Perspectives on Counter Cultures, I can’t see this one moving off the shelves.

  5. Ah, the old Conservative Book Club (not to be confused with anything you’d find on the Web today). I believe they were an organ of the John Birch Society.

    1. With this title and blurb, I’m assuming it was their best seller.

  6. I’m dying to know how widespread public fornication is. Not widespread enough – I haven’t had a boyfriend in ages! More sexual degeneracy, please, I’m a bit sick of going to work, having coffee with friends, and going for brisk walks with my father.
    I’m also desperate to know why there are so few black hippies.

  7. I’m more intrigued by copulation on the giant cross. Was it standing up, or lying down on the ground? How exactly did that work?

    1. Yes, the mechanics of that fascinate me, especially since the writer so obviously made it up.

  8. Actually there are former hippies that are now the robber barons of today. They are now the conservatives…

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