Daddy Moved Out

daddy doesn't live here any more cover

Daddy doesn’t live here any more
A book about divorce

In this “story”, Mommy and Daddy are fighting all the time. Mom copes by vacuuming. Daddy moves out. Our young protagonist, Casey, fakes an illness to make Dad move back. It doesn’t work. Mommy and Daddy stay friends for the most part and Casey learns to deal.

This one is at least better than many of these books we have featured since it doesn’t automatically make Daddy the bad guy. As I was writing up this post, I re-read a lot of the comments on some similar books. Of course most of the books contain parents that are reasonable and love their children. (Although usually Daddy is the parent at fault.) We all know that some families have terrible situations and live in utter chaos. What books do we give those kids who are living in crisis situations with parents who are violent, neglectful, etc.? All of the choices seem woefully inadequate.



  1. Well, usually it is the parents that are picking out books for children at this age, so books in which the parents are awful are pretty unlikely to sell – except, I suppose to those grandparents who wind up with their deadbeat kids’ kids. Maybe that’s a niche market to consider.

  2. I panicked for a second, thinking this was Doris, but then I saw the whole picture and was relieved. And at least the kid isn’t a homunculus like our last divorce book.

    The dog looks very confused on the cover. Tough beans, doggie!

  3. If that’s what Mommy looks like when she’s furious after a bout of crying, she must be an actual Precious Moments figurine when she’s happy.

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