Daddy left because you were bad

Please Come Home coverPlease Come Home
A child’s book about divorce

Subjects like death and divorce are not exactly my favorite topics for a children’s book, but I do get requests for them often enough. Do they magically heal? No, but maybe they are the beginning of dialogue and healing for the kids. That said, I doubt this book helps anyone.

This author hints at violence from Dad. Mom tells child that Dad left because he didn’t love her. ¬†Frankly, if these two parents are behaving this way, child probably is better off in foster care. I felt awful reading this book.

For more family trauma, see all of the books by Doris here.


Please come home back cover

What will happen to me?

birthday package from Daddy

Daddy's girlfriend

Why doesn't somebody help us?

daddy wouldn't have left if he loved you


  1. I don’t know what’s worse the kids who are heartbroken over their parents’ divorce or the ones whose attitude is “Whatever” because it’s so commonplace.

  2. Fine job from the author/illustrator for immediately making me think pastel drawings = dangerous mind-screwing psychotrash for impressionable people.

  3. Ah, ALB is living up to its name today! This book is truly awful. It is the last thing you should give to a child whose parents are divorcing. Seriously, having seen the posts for the other books by this author that have been featured on ALB, I have to wonder what goes on in this poor woman’s head. I can’t imagine living in the world that she seems to inhabit.

  4. It’s weird that the authors offer some decent advice on the back cover, but the whole book is an example of how not to do things when kids are involved in a divorce. Sadly, I’m sure there are parents out there like this pair (I think I know some, in fact) and it makes me believe that some people should not be allowed to procreate.

  5. I can’t tell exactly how awful this is (Somewhere between “very” and “kill it with fire”). Is this meant to be a book to help prepare a child for the realistic possibility of their divorcing parents being petty and using the kid to snipe at each other (Almost every book-for-kids on divorce always plays up “But both of your parents still love *you*”, which is important, but might leave them ill-prepared for a vitriolic divorce where the parents try to manipulate the kid over to “their side”)? Or is this a book to give your kid if you *are* a petty, vitriolic parent who wants the kid to side with *you*?

  6. Looks like a good book-for divorcing PARENTS, on how *NOT* to treat each other, talk about each other, etc. I really hate people who try to use their children as pawns against an estranged spouse.

  7. I knew the minute I saw that nasty pastel picture who the author was! I had a good laugh when I scrolled down and saw it was our old friend Doris Sanford.

  8. Are these books like a “What not to do?” I mean come on, can this author be serious!

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