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Shaun Cassidy Story: Real Life, Love, Hopes & Ambitions

Submitter: Please accept the following submission for your blog of shame.  We are public library workers that battle the old, the ugly, the smelly, and the “sentimental” on a daily basis.  When I pulled these out of our collection, my co-worker and I knew what we HAD to do.

Holly: SHAUN CASSIDY!!! Be still my beating heart!  I had the coolest Shaun Cassidy poster on my wall in…oh, about 1983.

Seriously, folks? There is not a public library on the planet that needs to hold on to this book.  Not even the one in Shaun Cassidy’s home town.  This is the very epitome of irrelevant.  Sure, Shaun Cassidy has done some important things. Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys wouldn’t have been the masterpiece it was without him.  I even liked the short-lived show “Ruby and the Rockits” that was on last summer.  But a 1978 biography of him is…wait for it…USELESS.


  1. One year, it seemed I was the only girl in my class who didn’t have the baby blue satin jacket with his face on the back.

  2. Ah, the 70s, when men washed their hair and wore the waist of their pants at their waist. While I know that book needs to be weeded, I’d be tempted to keep it – and blow up any pictures inside – to show today’s males how to properly dress.

    Sorry, just so sick and tired of seeing every male from 8 to 40 lookin’ like a fool that whenever ALB posts a book from the 70s I find myself wishing for a TARDIS.

  3. Ahh, my 10 year old self loved him ,and his poster adorned my bedroom walls. But even I must admit this is a definite toss.

  4. Considering he was only 19 or 20 when that picture was taken, he has a lot of deep lines around his eyes.

  5. Considering he was only 19 or 20 when that picture was taken, he sure has a lot of deep lines around his eyes.

  6. I checked out his IMDB page, and the strange thing is that he’s using a photograph of himself from back when he was cute as a his main photo. Who would do that? There are current photos of him elsewhere on the IMDB. Also, at least he is still employed/working.

  7. While I agree that washed hair and properly worn jeans are appealing compared to some of the popular attire of today, but I don’t think I could handle men’s hair looking better than mine… that and bell bottom pants. *Shutter* Weed it, but possibly put it in a sale. Some die hard from the 70’s may want it for nostalgia.

  8. OMG!! I loved Shaun Cassidy when I was in 4th grade! I had all of his albums (I think there were three), and he was the first person I ever saw in concert. The 9-year-old inside of me doesn’t want this book weeded. Keep it with the books about Rick Springfield and Duran Duran!

  9. I do not know who this is. I know something about face reading, though.

    The too-deep eye lines and strange stretch marks you will notice around his mouth indicate someone who is always having to smile for fans and/or the camera. The smiles are often fake and that strains the muscles, leaving a permanent mark. You’ll see this most often on celebrities and politicians.

  10. Growing up in SoCal back in the 70’s meant LOTS of sun, deep brown tans, and no sunscreen. And, incidentally, some fairly aggressive premature aging.

  11. This is a good argument for only buying biographies of people after they pass away. That Michael J. Fox bio from the 1980s got weeded out of my library several years ago.

  12. I don’t have anything to contribute on Shaun Cassidy (yeah, another young’un here), but the “Teen Machine Special” badge cracks me up. Is that train still rolling, cranking out books on the Jonas Brothers and Justin Bieber and Will Smith’s kid that librarians everywhere will rediscover with horror gathering dust on their shelves in 2031?

  13. David starred on Ruby and the Rockits, I think Shaun had a hand in it somehow though…producing perhaps…

    I saw this book about 20 years ago at a thrift store…I was 12 and was like who the H*LL is that?

  14. Perfect timing for this – today’s Oprah is a rerun of the “Teen Hearthrobs” episode. Shaun actually looks pretty good these days, and I was impressed by his observations of his career and his life now.

  15. I, like Carol, also had all his albums, and I loved the Hardy Boys! But if your dad was a famous actor/alcoholic, and your stepmother and older half-brother were Mrs. and Keith Partridge, then you’d have to do a lot of fake smiling, too!

  16. I don’t know about that washed hair comment…not that I was alive in the ’70s, but I was under the impression that people didn’t wash their hair every day then (I’ve read a few books written then that made comments about how that was weird, anyway), and I don’t know a single guy who doesn’t wash their hair AT LEAST once a day now (and a few who do it more than once, or at least who shower more than once a day; I don’t actually know if they wash their hair each time).

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