Cutting the B-Roll

TV Production EquipmentEducator’s Survival Guide to TV Production Equipment and Setup
Curchy and Kyker

Submitter: I took TV Production in high school during my freshman year (1999-2000), so this book brought up a lot of nostalgia for me. Of course, that was over twenty years ago (which was about how long ago this book last checked out), so this really doesn’t have any application for my students. Somehow this never got weeded, even when the school went 1:1 iPad. I have no idea how long it’s been since there were last VHS tapes and VCRs on our campus, but it’s been a long time. While this might be fun for someone who’s really interested in the history of TV production, this book is completely out of date for any practical application. (The school is a 6-12 independent school.)

Holly: Even 1998 was the tail end of the VHS/VCR game. DVDs came out in 1997, and DVD production surpassed VHS by 2002. This book had about five good years, and maybe five more lingering years after that. It did not have 22 years, so let’s all say goodbye and not look back.



Evaluating the Industrial VCR

Evaluating the Character Generator

VCR Repair

Studio Communications


  1. S-VHS was not a popular video format, ever. Hi-8 was a semi-standard.

    And where’s the big tapes stuff ran on back in the day?

    It’s too simplified even for people interested in the history of this era.

    Signed, actually ran a school video set up in the 90s and turned that jog/shuttle wheel a whole lot.

  2. There is a public school near here that has a large media production program, radio station and all. Personally, I want a character generator. I *NEVER* could figure out how they got letters on the screen, did they paste them on each film still?

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