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Wildlife Alert coverWildlife Alert!: The Struggle To Survive

Submitter: Found in the youth non-fiction section at local public library (small British Columbian town). It was printed in 1980, first acquired/checked out in ’94, and there is a big gap between the most recent check-out in 2011 and the previous one in 2002. The binding is still in excellent condition (although the “wall poster and a 24-page booklet of games and puzzles” the Amazon listing says are included are not present), the photographs are beautiful, and it’s not the *worst* of the worst I have ever seen, but given the publishing date I’d say it’s time to upgrade to something with more current information on endangered species.

Holly: BUT LOOK AT THE CUTE BABY JAGUAR PICTURED BELOW!! You can’t just weed cute baby jaguars! People love cute baby jaguars! Just kidding. According to the Googles,  a jaguar’s lifespan is 12-15 years, so that baby jaguar is long dead. Sorry to ruin the cute baby kitty high. Just sayin’.

Wildlife Alert title page

Wildlife and domestic animals

Graceful water bird

Mountain lion

Jaguar kitten



  1. Roll the Animal Planet “babies!” music! This IS pretty elderly but could hang around until replaced.

  2. We see photos of humans who have been dead for years all the time, including photos of when they were babies and little kids, so why should I feel bummed out that this little jaguar is now in big cat heaven?

  3. Good book is good. The age makes it an obvious candidate for weeding, but frankly, I’ve seen books that are printed twenty years after this that look more dated. Nice work NatGeo.

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