Cruzin’ with the Tooz

Cruzin with the Tooz coverCrusin’ with the Tooz

Thanks to one of ALB’s twitter people, this title was suggested as a candidate. I really didn’t know who John Matuszak was, but  I just wanted a closer look at the bad boy pirate on the cover.  According to the Wikipedia article, Matuszak was  a football player (mostly with the Oakland Raiders) and an all around partying bad boy. He also started acting in a few semi-memorable 80s movies (Goonies) and TV. Shortly after this was published, Matuszak died of a drug overdose.

I suppose this has a place somewhere in some library, but I doubt it needs to be in mine. I would weed it in a heartbeat. Raiders fans might think differently. Any Matuszak fans want to weigh in?

I think I will check the catalog for Goonies and re-live the 80s.



Cruisin with the Tooz back cover

Cruisin with the Tooz front flap

Cruisin with the Tooz back flap

Tooz and his sisters

Pics of the Tooz's family


  1. Yeah, nothing like putting your “lady” and her cousin in Playboy bunny outfits on the same page as pictures of children. I do genuinely appreciate how hard he’s trying not to laugh in that cover photo, though.

    1. I’m guessing that there are only a few pages in the book for photographs. And it was Christmas! (Which I’ve been doing wrong all these years, it turns out. If only I’d read this book.)

  2. The only thing I remember about John Matuszak was the nude photo of him with a teddy bear in Playgirl magazine.

  3. Sad to think he died so soon after the book came out – he looks quite a character. I bet no-one’s taken the book out since 1987, though.

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