Crochet Some Groovy Accessories

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Columbia Minerva

Break out your crochet hook and make some groovy fashion accessories. The belt/purse combo is similar to the one I owned back in my early high school days. Never sported a jumpsuit, but elephant pants were my go-to fashion item, and these little crochet beauties went right along for the fashion ride. I am going to say no to the Raggedy Ann rug — it’s too much like a clown, but I actually kind of dig the slipper/sandal thing. However, since it has been pointed out to me on many occasions, I am probably to old to offer up an opinion.

Stay Groovy!


crochet projects


  1. OH MY WORD, NO. My family owned this book! I always wanted to make the Raggedy Ann rug but found it too complicated.

  2. Crocheted footwear with rug yarn (or any yarn) would be extremely uncomfortable unless you have very tough feet. Maybe there’s a lining that can’t be seen?

    Those bbq mitts could melt and fuse to your skin since I’m guessing the suggested yarn is acrylic. Yikes.

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