Crisis Time!

Crisis Time coverCrisis Time!: Love, Marriage, and the Male at Mid-Life

Submitter: My local library has two circulating copies, and one at storage of this relic from the 1980’s. I scanned a few good pages to help give some insight into the mindset of an 80’s man.

Holly: Two circulating copies AND one in storage? Whyyyyy?

Crisis Time Contents

The New Woman

The Man in Crisis and His Family

The Man in Crisis Outside His Family


  1. But men never change. Just saying -sounds like guys in mid-life crisis still . When “Millennials” approach mid-life crisis, it might be a bit different…

  2. As an early-type specimen of a Millennial who’s facing the inexorable onset of thirty and all its accompanying baggage, I reckon this one’s going to stay relevant for a long time to come.

    Technology may change, but people are still people.

    1. I’m about your age. I agree that most of this advice seems good–it would just be nice to have a version with more up -to-date language and some citations to prove that the author’s info is based on real as opposed to personal experience and/or common sense.

  3. Didn’t this author also write some books about his experiences in medicine? I am pretty sure I have read one. I hope this book is not an example of someone knowledgeable in one area assuming (wrongly) that he is automatically knowledgeable in others. But then, I am not likely to need the book so I guess it doesn’t matter to me.

  4. Lovely advice about having an affair. He appears to be taking a cost/benefit approach to relationships.

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